Bats Hit Webb

Why exactly is Brandon Webb so successful right now? Brandonwebbcrackerjack

Improved defense and run support certainly play a role -but Webb’s remarkable control has driven the turnaround. The same guy who led the league in walks now leads MLB in fewest BBs/IP. Consider that he’s now actually yielding more hits per IP than at any time in his career – more hits even than when he went 7-16.

Arizona’s ace recently divulged that he used to try to "miss bats" and now he’s trying to "hit bats".

It appears to be working.

STAT                             MLB RANKING

Wins(8)                          1st(T)

Winning Pct(1.000)          1st

ERA(2.18)                       2nd(Contreras)

Innings(82.2)                   1st

K/BB(5.89)                     2nd(Schilling)

BB/IP(0.98)                    1st

Shutouts(2)                    1st

Complete games(2)        1st(T)

Pitches per IP(13.25)      1st

Groundouts(151)             1st



He can afford to hit bats, knowing his infield will turn DPs for him. This means he can relax and not feel he has to K everyone.


Yup. He finally looks comfortable trying to make good pitches instead of perfect ones.In the past, each pitch was an event. Now, with the quicker delivery, he doesnt have time to dwell on his last pitch, the on deck batter and assorted externalities and can just concentrate on the present pitch.

Having watched Brandon since 2003, the most surprising stat to me, aside from the Fewest BB/IP, is the Fewest Pitches PER IP(13.25). I wouldn’t have guessed he’d lead MLB starters in either category in a million years.

Webb’s control greatly improved in 2005 when he cut his walks in half. This year is like the second half of his transformation.


The post doesnt denote Brandon as an overnight sensation,but I agree it does inaccurately exude that tone, so your clarification is most welcome.



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