A’s Muni Joyous Walk in the Park

Every year, I get dragged to at least one spring training game. Last year, it was Tucson. Today was my lucky day again – Phoenix Muni. Most Angels showed up to practice against some of the purported A’s. Vladdy hit a grand slam and several hundred people noticed, at least by the time he rounded third base.


Come join Diamondhacks for the remaining highlights, wont you?    


I asked the same thing last year: Where are the girls?

Let me answer Paul: women are smarter than to attend an event where you have to park five miles away, swelter in the sun, and pay seven bucks for a slice of pizza…

(they will only park seven miles from a shopping mall, swelter in smelly people and spend two hundred bucks on a pair of shoes)

Michael Norton – Some Clubhouse


Ha! You guys.

Paul, there are definitely pretty girls, but, as a middle aged slob walking around with my son, I dont feel any more comfortable taking hot pix than I would taking snapshots of the guy on his back with his pants down, being feverishly worked on by medical personnel. I’m no ethical Ghandi, but it’s just creepy, dude.

To Michael’s point, there was a young Alicia Silverstone look alike who strolled by with her posse, looking nonplussed as she wended her way thru a morass of sweaty men old enough to be her father. I overheard her say, “Geez, I thought this was a spring training game, not the f***ing SuperBowl!”, which perfectly expressed my own distaste for the crowded environs. I “borrowed” her line for one of my captions. :-)

Still, Matt, I would like to see a picture of the Silverstone lookalike whom you stole a line from. Maybe next time have your son take the picture. That wouldn’t be creepy.

Nice line about the infidels by the way.



Ok, ok, I lied. Maybe I DID take a picture of the chick at the A’s/Angels game!


So I’m a hypocritical, pork gobbling, infidel middle aged creep. Sue me.

I knew you had it in you, Matt. Great job. One has to take risks in this business; he has to give the people (or just me) what I want. Well done!


Insatiable bastardz.

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