This Week’s Hacks

  • SilverstoneHad fun meeting Derrick Hall, the Dbacks’ very gracious Team President, on Monday. Still working on a more substantitive writeup covering our discussion. Nothing earth shattering, but we had points of agreement and made "concessions" that might interest some Diamondback fans. Sorry about the delay on this, as I’ve been pulled away recently by an almost biological lure to post Alicia Silverstone pictures.   
  • I only fill out one NCAA bracket each year, and when I went to bed last night, was tied for third (out of 245 competitors).  Today, however, has not been a Good Friday.

    Quite apart fom my plummeting bracket, some Arabic Muslims consider today Sad Friday – still a fine time for oblivious crusaders to whip up a batch of delicious hot cross buns.

  • Me mum and I are mad keen for Fresh & Easy, Prince_fielder_sunflower_seedsBritain’s foray into the US grocery market, um, market. So far, it’s more fresh than easy, but if their clarks keep spitting up 2 quid 50p coupons at us like Prince Fielder spits sunflower seeds, then blimey, we’ll put petrol in the Jag and pay these blokes a call most every fortnight!
  • And thanks to Paul for recommending The Mind of Bill James by Scott Gray. Not sure it debunks Moneyball convincingly, or even intends to, but old time James disciples like me appreciate the copious quotes from our crisp thinking, contrarian hero stuffed throughout the book.
  • Just started The Sportswriter, by Pulitzer Prize winner, Richard Ford. Snoozer of a title, but can tell from the first chapter, it’s gonna be a good one.


Ahhh I really miss Tesco (Ive gone all misty eyed).

Wow. Maybe I’m wrong, but that looks like a “treasure trove of happiness, buried beneath a copious layer of food”.

Matt, you’ve done it again. You just keep me coming back. I think you have found a new, affective hook for lonely, nerdy baseball dweebs like myself: post pictures of pretty girls. Brilliant.


I feel so cheap ;-)

Forget Alicia-lets have more mentions of Tesco!!
Totally off the point (but related to your books/music selections) have you heard these?


My speakers dont work, but these “sound” interesting.

Next time I visit Tesco, I’ll bring a camera. It’s not Slough Intl Headquarters, but its Fresh. And…well..Easy.

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