This Bites

alyssaDog.jpgFirst of all, Thank You.

Thank You for even finding me. There is not an ounce of sarcasm in my voice when I say that I’m impressed with your tenacity. I’ll just leave it at that

I’ve decided to blog here for the time being instead, at least until MLBlogs gets it’s act together. It’s Opening weekend, and I’ve got better things to do than wade through this sea of eleventh hour impositions. I imagine everyone who cares about their own dog blog has a lot fret over right now, but if you could take a moment and bookmark my alt site, I’d really appreciate it.

And since MLBlogs is evidently unable to link to any of my favorite MLBlogs (either thru my site links or on their own home page), some are linked below for our mutual convenience.  


Some Clubhouse

Prince of New York

Red State Blue State


Arizona Via Slough

Down The Left Field Line (ex MLBlogger)

Chicks Dig The Long Ball

AZ Republic Dbacks Page




Update March 31 — Comment from Sox Angst on MLBlogosphere site:

 Personally, I like to browse other blogs every now and then just to see what people are saying. Compound the loss of that feature with the loss of my links, I really don’t have anything to work with.

Ha! You sound high maintenance, angst. Look, you wanna be a baseball writer? This is how it works ;- ) 


Matt,Matt,Matt-the official MLBlogs line is “You want to be a baseball writer? Welcome to how this works!” You should be enjoying this “Opening day craziness”. instead of wanting to write about opening day itself.

Thanks for making me laugh, Russell. (I laughed just before approving your comment).

We hear all the time, and rightly, about how MLB is a business, but can you imagine anyone in the real business world “responding” to a customer base in this fashion (ie your quotes above)?

I cant.

Matt, I definitely feel your pain. I was just getting used to how everything worked and now I know nothing again. I cried.

Then I found a pretty girl on your site. And things are a little better now. And it’s opening day, and it’s raining in Chicago… and did I mention that Alyssa is on your site…???

We’ll get through this.

What’s really irritating is that I JUST put links to other blogs, writers and sites like Baseball Reference on my blog. And the Site Meter (which I added a few weeks ago) was giving me a good sense of my traffic. Speaking of traffic, there was a link to my blog on a Atlanta Journal Constitution website Braves blog, posted by one of my most loyal readers and the traffic I got from that was HUGE; of course our site went offline a couple of hours later thereby running the risk of destroying a potential new block of readers. They’ve get great traffic over there, by the way. The link’s still there, but the damage has been done. Here’s the link: Press CTRL-F to find the word “rational” and it should hit the link, if anyone’s interested.

Hey Russell, I tried to comment on your “tag cloud” post but this new “beta tag cloud” gambit said I “do not have permission to comment on this [your] blog”. Ouch, I’ve been getting denied commenting privileges left and right since the switch over. Do I smell or something?


Dude, I *am* high maintenance… and getting more more so each passing day of working with this!

It says I don’t have permission to comment so I’m testing it.

Ha! It’s an idiot!

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